Iquitos, Peru:  Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest and the 5th largest city in Peru with 0.5 million documented residents. In recent years, Iquitos has experienced rapid urban migration, with individuals moving from the surrounding jungle seeking job, education or health opportunities. Displaced from highly lush and intact ecosystems of their ‘home’ landscapes, migrants are forced to find space in the dense city- with a severe lack of space, this often equates to building out on the water in informal floating communities.  Impoverished circumstances and poor environmental conditions in these neglected communities often results in chronic illnesses, vector borne and infectious diseases and poor mental health and wellbeing due to the lack of water and sanitary infrastructure, access to food and greenspace, disrupted ecological systems, precarious housing, and exposure to severe storms and flooding.  These neglected communities will face increasing hardship with changing climate conditions.