La Luna Verde: La Luna Verde is an environmental restoration and public greenspace project that creates a “green crescent moon” around the a floating slum community in the urbanized Amazon Rainforest.  The project consists of 1) Enhancing and expanding the natural and agricultural floodplain that is protecting the community from downstream pollution and providing a haven for birds, frogs, butterflies and other sensitive species in the region, 2) pilot floating gardens to provide year round greenspace and habitat while potentially cleaning water and producing food, 3) stairs to give the community safe access to the services of the uphill city,  4) a more than 3,000 SM park on the hillside of the community that will provide food, medicine and beautification for the community, and 5) a series of temporary installations to increase the visibility of the neglected and impoverished community and empower them (many residents in the uphill part of the city literally throw their trash down onto the community that not only degrades the environment but also the community’s spirits).