By seeking improvements in all components of a fog collection system, a holistic and integrated design was created. The SQWater system captures, stores, and delivers fog water for the irrigation of parks, reforestation, and urban farming, and for household use and drinking, improving ecological and human health and offering a potential source for income generation among LdZ community members. Water systems are often buried underground and hidden from public view. The SQWater system is integrated into a conceptual site design of public space that fosters awareness of water scarcity and an ethic of sustainable water use. The site design draws extensively on the participatory input of LdZ community members and consists of three potential elements:

1) an ecological restoration zone including a fog collection farm and a series of community gardens;

2) redesign of an existing informal cemetery as a gathering space serving community members of LdZ

3) a small public park in LdZ’s Eliseo Collazos neighborhood.

The SQWater system brings new life to LdZ’s impoverished neighborhoods on multiple scales, helping to restore Lima’s lomas, or dry forest ecosystems, while activating public social spaces. The site design represents a long term community vision that will unfold over many years. SQWater hopes to further develop and implement its fog collection system and a portion of its larger site design intervention during Phase II.